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Many organizations form a safety committee to create a loss control programWe suggest that you consider the concept as it would apply to your operations. The committee could be made up of management, labour, or a combination of both.

The safety committee should not assume the responsibility for the functioning of the loss control program. It should be advisory. It should not be concerned with daily problems in individual units that should be resolved within those units.

Appropriate Items for the Scope of a Safety Committee;

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the loss control program.
  • Detection of trends so that corrective action can be taken before serious problems develops.
  • Evaluation of accident investigation reports: The number of investigations; adequacy of investigations; and any action taken.
  • Study of accident problems affecting the entire company or affecting groups of people or specific jobs.
  • Reporting to company management the results of the loss control program, suggestions for improvements, methods to stimulate and maintain interest in the program, and suggestions to control problems affecting the entire company.

To accomplish the above suggested responsibilities, the safety committee should

  • Analyze accident investigation reports.
  • Re-investigate selected incidents to review the quality of original investigations.
  • Check the degree of supervisory acceptance of responsibility by conducting on-site surveys which may detect physical hazards, rule enforcement, and any evidence of unsafe work practices.
  • Develop a company safety manual containing rules, regulations, and procedures. This could then become part of the new employee orientation program.

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