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Program Coordinator bb3 Sep 8, 2011

By Staff writer State Farm™ Employee

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In most successful loss control programs there is usually one person who coordinates and monitors the program. In a smaller business this may be the owner or top manager; in a larger business the duties may be assigned to someone who is involved with most aspects of the operation.

Regardless of the person selected, it is important that the person be able to meet the following criteria:

Program Coordinator Criteria

  • The person selected has the time and interest to devote to the duties.
  • This person is recognized as a spokesperson for top management on matters relating to loss control.
  • Performance of loss control duties are part of this person's performance objectives and performance evaluation.
  • The program coordinator should also coordinate accident review activities.

This person should work closely with the safety committee, and should understand accident reporting, employee safety, and employee training.