Internal Premises Inspection

Internal Premises Inspection bb3 Sep 9, 2011

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Premises inspections should be carried out daily by area supervisors and should be supplemented by a monthly premises inspection by the program coordinator or safety committee.

The results of these inspections should be reviewed by upper management and any necessary action taken. No recommendations should be waived without the authorization of the safety program coordinator.

Ideally, a customized inspection checklist should be developed based on your special knowledge of your business.

This premises inspection checklist should be developed to meet your specific needs. A general checklist is available.

In a business, material is moved, stockpiles are depleted, waste materials accumulate, and many other changes occur daily or even hourly. Safety inspections are a means of surveying and appraising the problems of unsafe conditions and work practices which result from these changes.

What Do Safety Inspections Provide?

  • Detection – Seeking out the unsafe practices and conditions.
  • Analysis – Determining why the unsafe methods or conditions exist.
  • Correction – Eliminating the unsafe conditions or methods and determining the reasons for them, where possible.

Why Are They Important?

  • Reviews by upper management at periodic intervals.
  • Daily inspections by the supervisor.

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