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Wildfires are a serious risk to life and property. The best way to reduce loss due to wildfire is to plan ahead.

Before The Wildfire

  • Recognize the natural conditions that promote the chances of wildfires.
  • It is recommended to roof your home with Class A rated (fire resistive) roofing materials.
  • Cover your chimney outlet and stovepipe with non-flammable screen an inch or smaller wire mesh.
  • Consider fire resistive building materials (roofing and siding) when remodelling or building in wildfire prone areas.
  • Windows and skylights should be tempered glass or multi-layered glassed panels for protection against breakage due to the heat from fires.
  • Install and maintain smoke detectors in your home.
  • Install, maintain and teach everyone in your family how to operate fire extinguishers.
  • Prepare an escape route from your home and from your neighbourhood, and plan an emergency meeting place for family to re-establish contact if you’re separated.
  • Create and maintain a “survivable space” about 10 meters wide around your home.
  • Keep your yard and gutters free of pine needles, leaves or other flammable debris.
  • Reduce the number of trees in heavily wooded areas and plant new trees or shrubs 10 feet apart.
  • Remove dead branches or close, overhanging branches from the reach of your roof and 10 feet away from your chimney.
  • For trees taller than 5-6 meters, keep lower branches pruned 2 meters above the ground.
  • Keep stacked wood at least 10 meters from your home or other buildings, and keep vegetation cleared away from the woodpiles.
  • Enclose the underside of balconies and above ground decks with wire mesh.

During The Wildfire

  • Follow the instructions of emergency workers and firefighters.
  • Know when to evacuate. Don’t endanger yourself by staying too long.

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Have you ever been engandered by a wildfire? What steps did you take to stay safe?
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