Flood Preparedness

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Floods are the most common natural disaster in Canada. Flooding and flash floods can happen almost everywhere, and at any time. There are several steps you can take to reduce flood risks to your family and property before flooding occurs.

Before The Flood

  • Collect emergency building supplies -- plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber, nails, tools, shovels, and sandbags.
  • Organize an evacuation plan and establish an emergency meeting place should your family get separated.
  • Learn to shut off all utilities, should it be necessary.
  • Secure shelving and water heaters to nearby walls.
  • Raise electrical system components.
  • Consider installing check valves in your plumbing to prevent floodwater backup.

During The Flood

  • Be aware of weather conditions that could prompt flooding.
  • Listen to radio or TV broadcasts for emergency information and evacuate immediately if told to do so.
  • Never walk or drive through rushing floodwaters. Even six inches of moving water is dangerous.
  • Avoid rising waters, storm drains and sewers. Move to higher ground.
  • Watch out for snakes and small animals that might seek shelter in your home.
  • Never enter buildings surrounded by floodwaters.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and electrical wires.

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