Smoke Detector Placement And Safety

Smoke Detector Placement And Safety bb3 Sep 11, 2011

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Installing smoke detectors make you feel safe from a possible fire. Staying aware of their correct placement and maintenance will ensure that no smoke goes undetected in your home.

Where To Place

Most fatal fires occur late at night or early morning, while you’re asleep. For this reason, Fire Protection Canada recommends placing smoke detectors in each occupied room, as well as in every hallway leading to an occupied room. In the kitchen, place the smoke detector away from the stove to prevent false alarms. If someone in your home is deaf or hard of hearing, consider a detector that also combines flashing lights with its alarm sound. If you are installing your detector on a wall and not the ceiling, remember to place it 10 to 30 cm from the ceiling.

Means Of Detection

There are three kinds of smoke detectors: photoelectric, ionization, and a combination of the two, called a dual sensor. Photoelectric ones are better at picking up slow-building, smoldering fires, like one resulting from a lit cigarette. Ionization detectors quickly note sudden combustible fires with high flames, like a grease fire. For the best protection and surety, go with the dual sensor. Since you don’t know what sort of fire may spark, having either type of detector still allows you the early-warning time to react and take action.

Maintenance And Chirps

Because a smoke detector constantly filters the air in your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, maintenance is crucial. Most smoke detectors come equipped with a “chirping” alert to let you know their battery is low, but stick to a rule of changing out the batteries when we experience “spring forward” and “fall back” (when the clocks are changed). Being vigilant every second of the day will eventually take its toll on the small machine, so it is also recommended to replace detectors every 10 years.

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