Hailstorm Preparedness

Hailstorm Preparedness https://learningcentre.statefarm.ca/safety-2/hail-storms/ bb3 Sep 11, 2011

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Hail is a costly weather hazard. Take action to guard against the damaging effect of hailstorms by being prepared.

Before The Hailstorm

  • Learn to recognize the weather conditions that cause hailstorms.
  • If weather conditions are prime for hail storms, pull cars, boats, RVs, and lawn and patio furniture into a covered area.
  • When building or remodeling, consider impact resistant roofing to reduce hail damage to your home.
  • Utilize other safety procedures for thunderstorms and/or tornadoes if the weather reports include those.

During The Hailstorm

  • Seek shelter, as hail of any size could be dangerous when pelted in high winds.
  • Surfaces may become slick, so use caution if you're outside.

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