Your Guide to Safer Family Walks

Your Guide to Safer Family Walks bb3 Nov 12, 2014

By Staff Writer

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Walking is a healthy, enjoyable activity for parents and children alike. Keep your family adventures free from accidents and injury with these walking safety tips:

Your Guide to Safer Family Walks

Plan walkable routes. Sit down with your family to map out a well-lit route with sidewalks and crosswalks and little traffic. If you live in a large city or have safety concerns about your neighbourhood, drive to find a nearby trail.

Teach pedestrian safety. Use walks as an opportunity to educate kids about safety. Explain the different traffic signals, remind your kids to stop at the edge of driveways to watch for cars, and teach them never to cross streets within 10 feet in front of buses or other large vehicles.

Use strollers safely. Engage wheel brakes when you stop, wear a stroller wrist strap for extra control and always use the stroller safety belt ó even on short walks around the block. Never tie a petís leash to a stroller when walking. If your child is too big for a stroller, hold his or her hand to keep them close by.

Keep dogs close. Make sure they're leashed at all times and avoid letting your dog greet other walkers. If your dog bites someone, you could be liable for injuries.

What Drivers Can Do: Itís important to think about pedestrian safety when youíre driving, too. Pay attention to your surroundings and obey all traffic laws and signals.