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Photo Inventory Tips bb3 Sep 9, 2011

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When it comes to a home inventory, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Tips For Home Inventory Photos

  • Use any color camera with a flash, your home video camera, or a digital camera.
  • Label photos and videotapes with the dates they were taken. If appropriate, record the date of purchase, brand name and purchase price of each item on the record card next to the picture.
  • If you have a film camera, have your developer save the images to a disk. You can store the print copies with a copy of your inventory.
  • If you have a digital camera, save the images to a disk or burn a CD.
  • To get an overall picture, take wide-angle shots of the whole room, then take several close-ups to capture detail. Start in one corner of the room and work your way around.
  • Focus your flash away from mirrors and other reflective surfaces by standing at a 45-degree angle to the shiny surface.
  • When using a flash, try not to get closer than the recommended focus range. If you must get closer, dim the flash by placing a white handkerchief over the flash while taking the picture.
  • Open glass doors to prevent reflection.
  • A family member in the picture helps substantiate ownership.
  • Open closet doors to show quantity of clothing.
  • Take pictures of the insides of drawers with the contents fanned out.
  • Use a non-glare dark cloth as a background for silver, china or jewellery.
  • When photographing china, take a picture of the pattern name or manufacturer's signature, along with a picture of the pattern.
  • When photographing jewellery, angle the flash to avoid glare.
  • When photographing or recording collections in albums, make sure the picture includes the entire page, along with close-up shots of the most valuable items. Make sure the pictures tie in with your home in some way.
  • Photograph your power tools, including detailed photos of the inside of your toolbox.
  • If you want to take only a few pictures, either take pictures of groups of your most valuable unappraised items, or record whole rooms with your most valuable and theft-prone items prominently displayed.

Remember to update your inventory when you make new purchases.

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