Statement Of Policy

Statement Of Policy bb3 Sep 8, 2011

By Staff writer State Farm™ Employee

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Effective Loss Control Requires A Policy

A clear, concise policy statement should be prepared and released over the signature of the top manager of the company. The objective of this policy is to create and maintain interest in loss control activities. It should convey the manager's commitment to loss control activities without being a detailed rule book.

Guidelines For A Loss Control Policy Statement

  1. Be brief, be positive, and provide wide exposure within the company. Everyone should understand that it is company policy and that it is important.
  2. Clearly state the objectives. Emphasize the idea that safety and loss control support the overall objectives of the company.
  3. The policy should involve all levels of employees and management.
  4. Design the policy statement as a general, long-range plan. The statement should serve as the reference point for all loss control activities.
  5. Include the statement as part of your overall operating procedures.