Traveling To And From Your Boating Destination

Traveling To And From Your Boating Destination bb3 Sep 7, 2011

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Properly hauling your boat to and from your fishing destination is as important as the type of lure you’re using to nab your big catch. Before launching your fishing trip, make sure your vehicle has the towing capacity to haul your boat, and you know how to launch and retrieve your boat from the water.

Before You Go

  • Make sure your boat, trailer, and tow vehicle are ready for the road.
  • Choose a trailer with a load capacity greater than the weight of the boat and its equipment.
  • Make sure the trailer is right for the boat. It should fit snugly on the rollers and other contact points and support the boat's hull.
  • Secure tie-downs to ensure that the boat won't shift during transport.
  • Distribute gear evenly in the boat.
  • Make sure all trailer lights are working.
  • Make sure safety chains are connected in an "X" to the frame of the towing vehicle.
  • The winch cable should pass under the bow roller stop.
  • Check parts for tightness and proper operation.
  • Inflate vehicle and trailer tires to proper pressures.
  • If you are carrying a small boat in or on your vehicle, make sure it is securely attached.
  • Check wheel bearings and trailer hitch for safe operation.

Driving With A Boat In Tow

Take extra care. Your rig now takes longer to accelerate and requires more stopping distance. Always remember that turning and passing other cars requires more distance with your boat in tow.

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