Fire Protection Checklist

Fire Protection Checklist bb3 Sep 9, 2011

By Staff writer State Farm™ Employee

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Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and sprinklers are life- and property-saving tools when used properly. Make time to inspect them to make sure they’re functional and properly installed.


  • Is there a tag on the main valve stating the last date of inspection?
  • Is the control valve chained in the open position?
  • Are pipes protected from freezing temperatures?
  • Are extra sprinkler heads kept on hand should one need replacing?
  • Are sprinkler heads in good condition and free of lint, paint, or other material that may slow or prevent their operation?
  • Is there at least 46 cm of clearance between the sprinkler head and any stored item?

Fire Extinguishers

  • Have your extinguishers been professionally inspected and serviced within the past year?
  • Are the extinguishers wall-mounted and easily accessible?
  • Are you and your employees trained to use an extinguisher?
  • Do you have the correct type and size of extinguisher for your specific business operation?

Smoke Detectors

  • Do you test your smoke detectors at least monthly?
  • Are the detectors free of dust build up or other debris?
  • Do you have extra batteries available for battery-powered units?

Flammable Liquids

  • Are flammable liquids stored in their original, labelled containers?
  • Is there adequate ventilation in the area where liquids are used?
  • Are sources of ignition controlled or kept away from the area?
  • Are oily or solvent-soaked rags properly disposed of or handled to prevent the chance of spontaneous ignition?
  • Limit the amount of flammable liquids present in your business
  • Avoid ordering large amounts of these products to store on-site if they are easily obtainable and available.

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What steps have you taken to prevent fires at work?
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